I found that I enjoyed blogging and that it was worth upgrading my site. Everything is moved to the new site. I will no longer post at this location. My blog is still celtic singer but it is now found at The adventure continues.

Manannan’s Daughter – Cantos five

I see a girl running through the predawn mists. She is tall, leggy with adolescent growth. Her chestnut hair is braided tightly and woven against her head. She runs through the forest, leaping branches or rolling beneath, never slackening her pace. She runs for no reason save that she is young and it is morning and there is a silver mist dappling the dawn. Perhaps she dreams of becoming a banfheinni. She runs until she reaches the meadow where the shaggy haired horses graze.

They lift their heads, pricking their ears as they hear the rapid padding of her footsteps. The stallion, gray and dappled as the dawn, charges to meet her. Hoofbeat and footfall sound as one until she grasps his mane and swings astride his back. They circle the herd then race toward the salt scent of the ocean. Without slackening pace, they take the steep path down to the shore.

The rising sun appears over the hill as the two thunder down the beach. They splash through the waves sending jeweled showers flying. At the end of the beach, they climb the hill that overlooks the bay. The stallion rears and screams his challenge to Manannan’s horses. She(I) laughs as the sun kisses her(my) skin.

© 2019 Maggie Grimes

I’ve written a number of stories based on Celtic mythology and history. They are tales from ancient Ireland to present day and are loosely tied together in Manannan’s Daughter. I always like to hear how my words speak to another. MJG

Ocean Dancer

There are times
The wind sings through the trees
And it is the ocean’s voice I hear
The full moon plays with the billowing clouds
But her silver trail paints a path across
the waves
Swaying trees are masts heavy with sail
Straining against the playful zephyr
I close my eyes and breathe
Rich scents of salt and seaweed and mystery
The deck lifts and falls beneath my feet
As the wooden wheel responds to my grasp
Alive to my whim
Unknown, exotic lands call
And I yearn to answer.

© 2019 Maggie Grimes

The sea calls to me, stridently or in whispers, she speaks.

Tir na nOg

I tremble in eagerness
At the crest of the hill,
Above me the searing sky
Pristine and close,
The young wind rushes past me
The world is new
And my soul is fevered to explore it,

I would cast aside
This cumbersome husk,
It fetters and anchors my spirit,
I would burst forth
From the shambles of the past
A phoenix rising
To greet the new found sun,

Something holds me here
Draws me back to the world I know
A quest I’ve yet to complete
For that I know not and yet must seek.

© 2019 Maggie Grimes

In Parting

Go my friend
Take the green road
Find the way
To sunlit pastures
Feel the sun
The glowing heat
Chase the winds
Its young laughter
Touch the heart
Mount of dreamers
Go my friend
Take the green road

© 2019 Maggie Grimes

It has been twenty-one years since Paloma took that green road running. She was the first horse that actually belonged to me. We learned to trust each other, to listen and to respond. She taught me to fly. After all these years, a part of me still grieves. Memories of her are still warm and precious. MJG


It is obvious that I am no expert in the fine art of designing and navigating the intricacies of blogging. I am learning. I was encouraged to start the blog as a means of archiving my writing and art. I’ve been writing poems and stories since I learned to manipulate a pencil; the drawing and painting is much more recent a thing.

I write about places I’ve been, people that I have known or studied. History, stories, mythology intrigues me. The world of Nature calls to me. These are the things that move me to write.

To whomever reads my words, I hope that they cause you to feel or think or dream or hope or something. I would like to hear from you, to learn where my words have traveled, to whom they have spoken. Regardless, thank you for finding my words and best wishes to you. MJG

Las Islas

Dreaming gently in a forgotten land
Touched only by warm and loving winds
Perhaps soothed by the silent rain,
Sleeping in soft oblivion
Without thought or care of time
Remote, beyond the touch of now,
The quiet peace of being nothing
A small part in the greater whole
Sunlight jeweling a spider’s web.

© 2019 Maggie Grimes

The Galapagos Islands are a chain of volcanic islands six hundred miles off the coast of Ecuador. I spent time there studying some of the native organisms. The sealions were favorites although each indigenous species is unique and special. The animals were fearless and curious of humans. Each island had its own magic to be discovered. “Las Islas”, “Espanola” and several other poems were inspired by these enchanted islands.


Greeted by joyful sealions
Playing along your shores
Drowsing on your sands,
The blue foots and the masked
Concerned with their business of living
Complete in their fulfillment,
The sea explodes against the rocks
Strains to touch the clouds
Falls back and showers the lava,
The last albatross soars away.

© 2019 Maggie Grimes

The Wolf

The wolf hunts
Padding, silent
The night’s master,

The night calls
Taunting, playful
The wolf answers,

The wolf seeks
Daring, dangerous
The night’s whisper,

The night tempts
Luring, seductive
The wolf follows.

© 2019 Maggie Grimes

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